Sunday, June 27, 2010


We finally had our long-awaited vacation. After we finished our school year, Mom and Dad couldn't decide when or where to go. We all decided to go to our favorite beach, Jomtien Beach in Pattaya City. We were so excited to find out that June is low season so the rooms at our favorite hotel were 40% cheaper than the last time we were there. Also, our bedroom was just a few steps from the pool. Funny, we went to a beach resort but didn't get to play at the beach or swim in the ocean, AT ALL! We just enjoyed the pool and we went to see many different things in the city.

Day 1 was Daddy's Choice - Ripley's Believe It or Not: We went to the Ripley's Museum, Infinity Maze, Wax Museum, a not-so-scary Haunted Adventure, and a 4-D Moving Theater.Day 2 was Mommy's choice: a botanical garden. We did see other cool stuff other than just plants and flowers. They had a "garden" with flowers and plants made of clay pots. They also had a vintage car collection show room.Day 3 was our choice: some pool time before breakfast, trip to a water park, and malling.Day 4: More pool time for us; Daddy got the TV remote all day; and Mommy took as many pictures as she wanted. We were all happy and content.Day 5: We watched some movies, played in the pool some more, and stopped by a place with miniature replicas of famous structures around the world before we drove home.We had so much fun! We got to eat burgers and ice cream and more ice cream. One evening, Daddy surprised us by buying some kiddie firecrackers and a Thai lantern to fly on the beach. We look forward to our next vacation - whenever that may be!

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