Friday, June 25, 2010

School Year 2009-2010 Is Over!

We thank God for helping us finish another school year. It felt very long. We had a lot of interruptions but Mommy made sure we made up for missed school days when we weren't traveling or visiting folks. Daddy would occasionally take us swimming or go hit some golf balls at the driving range.

Jojo finished 3rd grade with very good grades. Multiplication was a little tough. His favorite classes were Science and Reading.
We discovered early on in the school year that Boom has dyslexia but he pushed on and has learned to read. It's still a struggle but we thank God for helping him try his best.
Jayjay is a handful and likes to disturb us during school time. He likes to get into everything. (Like the picture below. He got into a bag of powdered tile grout) Thankfully, our Daddy helps out our Mommy a lot by entertaining Jayjay or taking him out for a spin on the motorbike.
Thank you for praying for us when you pray for our Mom and Dad. We thank you for supporting our parents so we can stay in Thailand. We love it here.

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