Saturday, July 18, 2009

They're cute! I Know We're Biased!

Just wanted to share recent portrait pictures of the boys. Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. God has truly blessed us! These boys are a joy to us.

Jojo at 8 1/2 years old

Boom-Boom at 5 years old

Jayjay at 21 months old

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Tan for Tan Boys

Last week, our parents treated us to a pre-school year trip to the beach for two days. We had fun swimming in the pool and playing in the sand. We came home with more tan on our tan skin! No sunburn, though, considering our Mommy forgot to put sunblock on us.
We had fun swim racing in the hotel pool.
Jayjay didn't want to be in the water. He just wanted to give Mommy kisses.
We chased after hermit crabs.
We had dinner at a Thai seafood restaurant and it was yummy! And the shrimps were HUMONGOUS! Look at the size compared to our Mommy's thumb!
And of course, we let our Mommy do a little bit of shopping at an outlet mall eventhough she didn't find anything worthy of buying.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Critters Crawling Around

Life is never dull here. Last week when we were at a local high school with our parents, helping teach in an English camp, a snake crawled by just a few feet from us while we were eating lunch!

And then... last night, this baby lizard crawled onto our mom's computer monitor. Not sure what it was after... maybe the cursor moving around? Hmmm...

And then... today our mom took us to a park for a lunch picnic. As we were leaving in our car, our mom saw a HUGE spider inside the car! We don't have a picture of it, though. We didn't see it crawl out so it might still be there! Hope not!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jojo, the pianist

Jojo playing "Arabesque." He diligently worked on this piece for 5 weeks - from learning the notes to memorizing it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boom is 5!

Wow! It had already been five years since the first time we took a peek in the baby nursery at the government hospital in Sakaew city, about forty-five minutes from where we live. Bottom sticking up in the air under UV lights. We were there to visit. Who would have thought that ten weeks later he would become ours! Only God. He wrote our adoption story a long, long time ago. It is nothing short of an amazing display of God's sovereignty in the Weber and the Hongchuta families. Happy birthday Boom!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MK Friends Again!

Last week we had an unexpected but delightful visit from our MK friends - Lindsey, Erica, Trevor, and Tyler Jones. Their family stayed for two days and it was nothing but PURE fun! Seven kids eight years and under! Mr. & Mrs. Jones minister in Surin, about five hours from where we are. The Jones and the Weber kids are homeschooled and use the same curriculum.

Aunt Jenni reading us a story
our moms took us for a lunch picnic at a
nearby park while our dads went to play golf
minus the babies
looking at the fish
playing follow the leader - Jojo was the leader, being the oldest
we abused this park dog BUT we did feed it with our lefovers
running down the hill

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School Year is Over!

A few days ago, Jojo finished second grade and Boom-Boom finished K4. Yey! Jojo said, "The year didn't seem long." Mommy is relieved to hear that. They both have learned so much in a year - both in classroom and in life. The two boys are displaying special skills in different areas. Jojo in music; Boom in art. We can't wait what the Lord would have them do in the future.

Next school year's books are ordered. Jojo is excited about being in third grade. He wants to start right away. Hmmm.... maybe mid-July is too long of a wait. Ha ha ha! For now, Mommy just have to find something for them to do, other than watch movies and play videdo games. Swimming lessons, maybe? Well see...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keepin' Cool

March and April are very, very hot months in Thailand. Aside from staying in our airconditioned bedrooms for most hours of the day, we did many things to keep cool:

* Play in a big tub.
This blue one was too small of us three boys... Daddy bought us a bigger one.

Even Mommy joined us...
* Lay on a wet floor with no clothes on.
* Go swimming!
* Drink shakes! Mmmmm!
We had mango, strawberry, banana, and coconut.
* Just wear a diaper and nothing else.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MK Friends from Mongolia

Just a few days after we got back from the Philippines in mid-January, Filipino missionary friends from Mongolia came to visit us. The last time we saw each other, Jojo was only 13 months old! Their boy, Kevin, or Boom-Boom or Jayjay weren't born yet. We learned from them that Mongolia is VERY cold and has very long winters, and no beaches! So we took them to the coast. We played on the beach, went on a quick speed boat ride, swam in the pool, and window shopped at a mall. We had a lot of fun! We miss them already!
with our friends, Kevin, Karin, and Kara Ceballos

Fun in the Philippines

We have been busy. Yes, we kids do get busy. We do school while at home, meet friends when go on trips to Bangkok, and get dragged along everywhere by our parents. In mid-December our family flew to the Philippines for a month. We were in the provinces of Davao, Bukidnon, Cebu, and Negros Occidental. It was vacation with some ministry opportunities for our parents and for Jojo. We had three beach times, several malling times, tricycle and jeepney rides, hang out times with cousins and friends, and everyday trips to Jollibee with our Dad! It's the Filipino version of McDonalds, except it's better because they serve rice and the oh-so-yummy Filipino spaghetti!

Bahay Kubo (Filipino hut)

the best toy ever, a huge box where all three of us could fit in! Jojo at a family reunion. He also played the piano and sang at Papa & Mama's church twice playing with cousins we love Jollibee!!! tricycle rides in Kabankalan City were fun! Jojo turned 8 years old while we were there celebrating birthdays with cousin Jaja

cousins, lots of cousins!

getting some more tan
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