Sunday, November 2, 2008

LIFE Camp Fun

The week of October 13th-16th was a fun week for us. We were at L.I.F.E. camp, an evangelistic English camp, held annually at Wangree Resort in Nakhon Nayok. We had so much fun with our American teachers and we got to meet many new friends.

Jojo reciting a short poem with his classmates

Boom-Boom singing with his classmates Jayjay singing along with other kids... ...then got so tired from too much socialization, passed between SO MANY people like a football, and lack of nap times

We had fun playing with our MK friends - Elaine, David, and Autumn Scott

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flood, flood, flood!!!

The month of September brought lots of rain and plenty of it! Several days into the two weeks of non-stop rain, we knew right away that Kabinburi was going to be flooded again this year. It was the worst that we have seen since we moved here in 2003. The picture below is a plot of land on sale. Ha! That's going to take a whole lot of fill dirt!

This is our downtown post office. We didn't get mail for about a week.

Kids had no school so they took the chance to play in the water on the streets!

For most people, they didn't let the flood interrupt much of their daily routine. For many, it was business as usual, just like this grilled chicken vendor.

Thankfully, our house/ministry building is on a higher ground. When the street next to us got flooded, we decided to join in the fun. For several days in a row, many people came to this street to have a tailgate party, wash their cars and motorbikes, fish, wade in the water, and swim. We did all of the above except for the tailgate party and fish. :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy Season, Fun Season!

May through October is rainy season in Thailand. Sometimes we get lots and lots of rain in a week, then no more rain. Then more rain again. Then lots of sun again. But this year we have lots of rain. Sometimes our Mommy lets us play in the rain and water puddles. What a fun break from school time!

One time, Aunt Jenni and Mommy took the Student Center elementary kids to play at a public park but whoa! It had a lot of water from the previous night's heavy rain. More water, more fun for all of us!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New School Year for Us

A new school has started for us. Jojo is in 2nd Grade. Math is his favorite but he also enjoys studying Ancient Egypt for history class.

Boom-Boom is in K4 and so excited to be doing school just like his older brother. He keeps begging mom for more school work and color sheets. Don't worry, Boom, it will all come soon enough!

Jayjay likes to get into his brothers' school stuff so Mom tries to put him down for his nap during school time!

here's a picture of us with our Aunt Jenni taken two weeks ago

Friday, June 13, 2008

Boom-Boom is four!

Boom-Boom turned four last Monday. Aaah! We're over the terrible 2's (or 3's)! We can't believe it's been four years since we first saw this baby boy at the hospital when his Thai mother gave birth to him. He makes us laugh (and mad too, of course!)... and when we laugh he'll ask, "What are you laughing about?" He is a clown!

We had a birthday party for him on Saturday, the 6th, with the Scott and Beckman kids, plus his birth sister and three other friends. Boom wanted cake and Jell-O for his party so we had that, along with chips and hotdogs. It was fun!

He loves art. He colored a whole "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" full-color, hardbound book one time. (That didn't make Mommy very happy) He can sit for an hour and color a coloring book. Everything revolves around Good Guys and Bad Guys. Double click on the drawing below to see his art work clearly and find out who the Bad Guy is this time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finished with 1st Grade

Jojo is officially ready for 2nd Grade. He finished 1st grade last Friday. He did so well this past school year despite the many interruptions - a missions team, lots of friends coming to visit, a new baby brother, Papa & Mama Taquiso from the Philippines who came to stay with us for five weeks, and many more but good interruptions.

He is a very good reader but enjoys Math more. Science was OK. Handwriting, not his favorite. Piano is excellent. Now he has more time to ride his bike, watch movies and goof off with his brothers.

Yippee! We got new bikes!

Thanks to Grandma Sunny (Daddy's mom), we got new bikes! We really like our sparkling red and black bikes. We rode around the park and it was fun! We can't wait for Baby Jayjay to come join the race.

That's our dog, MooMoo in the background.
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