The 3 Goobers

We are the sons of Ed and Darlene Weber.

is the oldest.
He's 10.

Boom-Boom is 7.

Jayjay is 4.

We have Filipino nicknames because our Mom is from the Philippines. Our Dad is from Thailand but he grew up in the States. Three of us in the family carry two passports when we travel, so yeah! Our Mom carries eight passports for five people.

We are loud. We are rambunctious. We drive our Mommy crazy but she still loves us and enjoys being with us. We love to eat and we love to ride our bikes in our neighborhood, and bring home flowers for Mommy's hair.

We have a pet dog - a poodle named Moo-Moo. That's not another Filipino nickname. She was given to us by the lady who cuts our hair.We love airplanes, Hotwheels, and Legos, StarWars, and Veggie Tales.

Growing up in Thailand as missionary kids is cool! Food is great here! Bugs, mosquitoes, geckos, and birds inside our house is normal. It's hot here for most of the year but hey! we can go to the park and swim at a nearby pool anytime!

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