Sunday, September 4, 2011

Catch-Up Post

Well... It's been eight LONG months since the last posting. Jojo and our mom has not been doing too well keeping up with this blog. Life is crazy with school and ministry, and plenty of traveling.

Here's what happened these past several months.

Our neighbor got a new bunny pet and they let us borrow and play with it for a few hours. We begged our dad to buy us one but his answer was... Nope! Oh well.

Jayjay and mommy went to the Philippines to visit Papa and Mama Taquiso (our mom's parents) for a couple weeks. We wish we got to go with them but we couldn't afford the plane tickets and we had to do school.

The highlight of the month was being able to go to a watermelon patch. The watermelons were so huge! Two of them were 25 lbs combined. It was a hot day but boy! The watermelons were so juicy and sweet.

Every so often, our moms would take us biking to the railroad tracks in the afternoons. It's about half a mile behind our place. We like living out in the country.

Every year on May 1st, a village in our town celebrates a rocket festival. They launch rockets made of PVC pipes with home-made gun powder. They do a contest of which rocket stays up in the air the longest. 

Two awesome things happened! We took our annual family trip to the beach and we flew back to America for our scheduled ministry furlough. 

We are having a blast with our American friends.

For almost two weeks, our parents were in Pennsylvania for some training. We stayed with friends in Virginia. We had a lot of fun with the McFalls family. We swam in their pool almost everyday, hang out with friends, went to the library, and a picnic at the Roanoke star.

We got to tour the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA.

The Amish country in Lancaster, PA

The Civil War battlegrounds in Gettysburg, PA

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