Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School Year is Over!

A few days ago, Jojo finished second grade and Boom-Boom finished K4. Yey! Jojo said, "The year didn't seem long." Mommy is relieved to hear that. They both have learned so much in a year - both in classroom and in life. The two boys are displaying special skills in different areas. Jojo in music; Boom in art. We can't wait what the Lord would have them do in the future.

Next school year's books are ordered. Jojo is excited about being in third grade. He wants to start right away. Hmmm.... maybe mid-July is too long of a wait. Ha ha ha! For now, Mommy just have to find something for them to do, other than watch movies and play videdo games. Swimming lessons, maybe? Well see...

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