Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flood, flood, flood!!!

The month of September brought lots of rain and plenty of it! Several days into the two weeks of non-stop rain, we knew right away that Kabinburi was going to be flooded again this year. It was the worst that we have seen since we moved here in 2003. The picture below is a plot of land on sale. Ha! That's going to take a whole lot of fill dirt!

This is our downtown post office. We didn't get mail for about a week.

Kids had no school so they took the chance to play in the water on the streets!

For most people, they didn't let the flood interrupt much of their daily routine. For many, it was business as usual, just like this grilled chicken vendor.

Thankfully, our house/ministry building is on a higher ground. When the street next to us got flooded, we decided to join in the fun. For several days in a row, many people came to this street to have a tailgate party, wash their cars and motorbikes, fish, wade in the water, and swim. We did all of the above except for the tailgate party and fish. :D

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